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Maggi is back! Positive Results in The Lab Retest Says it Safe to Eat

A retest on the Maggi samples showed Maggi safe to eat. Recently Mumbai High court asked FSSAI and Nestle to retest the samples in five labs, which is acceptable for both parties. Earlier on June 5 Maggi noodle samples have sent to Central Food Technological Research Institute

Which Foods are the Best for Fitness Training ? and When should you Eat them

Fitness training has become very vital and essential to fight the fatigability. To keep you stress free, working out is the most preferable choice and alongside ,it is of prime importance that we take the most suitable kind of training diet which when elaborated means taking the

Research on Effects of Loud Noise comes out with Shocking Results

The effects of loud noise can be hazardous if not turned down to minimum. It can have adverse health consequences resulting in the damage of your hearing organs. Noises can be of various kinds more commonly from the road traffics and from the nearby industries. Constant exposure

4 Eggs a week could reduce risk of Diabetes

A new study by the researchers at the University of Eastern Finland claims consuming 4 eggs per week can keep Type 2 diabetes – Diabetes Mellitus at bay. According to the research, eggs rich in cholesterol can reduce Type 2 diabetes risk by almost 40% Researchers say

Study says our Genes Activity varies by Season

Researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK found that the activity of almost one quarter of our genes varies depending on the season – some are more active in the winter months, while others are more active in the summer. They even found with the

New HPV Vaccine to prevent Cervical Cancers

A US-based study says that a new human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine can potentially prevent 80% of cervical cancers. HPV, a common sexually transmitted infection can spread through vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has the virus. The new 9-Valent HPV vaccine, which includes seven cancer causing

MRI Scans could Predict Breast Cancer Risk

A new study published in Radiology found that MRI scans may predict a woman’s future risk of developing breast cancer. In the study, researchers reviewed screening breast MR images from high-risk women 18 years or older with no history of breast cancer. They specifically looked for associations

Study proves that Diagnosing illness online have adverse effects on your health

Search engines provide irrelevant information that usually leads to incorrect self-diagnosis and treatment. Recent study says that apparently because of this people delay visiting doctor that worsens the condition. Each month half a billion of internet searches are for health-related information that makes ill internet users to put their

Alzheimer’s disease could be Treated with Epilepsy Drug

Scientists have found that a new epilepsy drug could treat Alzheimer’s disease. The study was done by the University of British Columbia. It strengthens the theory that brain hyper excitability plays an important role in Alzheimer’s disease. Several groups while their studies have tested the effects of the

Recent Study estimated that Alarm over growing Hepatitis C disease is a widespread infection

Recent study estimated that Hepatitis C is a widespread infection in India 6 times more than that of HIV infection. But no community level data are yet available. HCV has received very less budgetary attention globally when compared to HIV and there does not exist in the same