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The madman on the money

HIS portrait shows a determined man, chin tilted upwards and mouth set in a proud curve. This is John Macarthur, one of Australia’s founders, responsible for establishing our wool industry and the face of the now-defunct $2 note. Yet he ended his days shorn of his dignity,

Why the Aussie economy keeps shining

AUSTRALIA DAY is all about celebrating our culture, our lifestyle and our heritage. But we should also add our performance as an investment haven to the list of factors to celebrate and admire. Even taking off our rose coloured glasses, Australia has been one of the best

Grocery prices to stop falling

THE era of shrinking supermarket bills is now over, a leading expert says, but there is reason to believe grocery costs won’t spiral upwards — more competition. Michael Simotas, author of Deutsche Bank’s supermarket price index, told News Corp Australia the period of “aggressive deflation” had passed.

Families could save big on childcare

EXCLUSIVE CASH-strapped working families would save hundreds of dollars a month if the federal government diverted $1.5 billion from its paid parental leave scheme and put the money into childcare subsidies. New modelling obtained by News Corp Australia shows working mums and dads could save between 18

The real cost of running your aircon

FAMILIES face a $700-a-year increase in the cost of running an airconditioner and snap price rises of as much as 15,000 per cent under little-known changes to electricity laws. To beat the changes some households may have to surrender control of their aircon to their power provider.

Marijuana company starts on a high

MEDICINAL marijuana company Phytotech Medical made a high-flying debut on the stock market yesterday, with its shares more than doubling in value. Investors who bought Phytotech shares for 20 cents each just before Christmas saw their investment skyrocket to 42 cents during their first day of trading

The lottery winner that almost wasn’t

AN AMERICAN man who bought a pair of lottery tickets at a grocery shop to break a $100 bill for lunch has ended up winning $US10 million. Massachusetts lottery officials announced Thursday that Richard Noll and his wife claimed the prize this week. He chose a one-time

Why Aussie savings are running dry

AUSTRALIANS’ retirement savings and investments will run dry within just 10 years of finishing work, alarming new figures show. The significant shortfall makes Australia’s retirement status the worst in the Asian region and the fourth largest gap globally, HSBC’s Future of Retirement report has found. And almost

Richest 1pc to own half of everything

THE richest one per cent of the population will own more than half the world’s wealth by 2016, Oxfam International said in a report released as the World Economic Forum begins in Davos, Switzerland. Oxfam said the world’s richest people saw their share of global wealth jump

How a joke’s making this Aussie rich

  MEET the man behind a website that promises vengeance in the form of glittery mayhem — a 22-year-old from Newcastle who is about to turn his “New Years side project” into a huge pay day.   Mathew Carpenter watched his beautiful brainchild explode last week