Avengers: Age of Ultron has been a much awaited movie in the entire calendar of movie releases this year. The sequel of Avengers, this one was anticipated to be one of the biggest surprises of 2015. With a few additions and edition of characters, this time bomb surely had its fans impatient and nearly drove many of us bonkers, because as the preview of the movie said, there were too many unexplained loose ends to the movie, which were revealed or decoded when we watched the movie ourselves or heard as a word of mouth from friends. But just think, was it just exactly as you had anticipated? Did it measure up to your expectations? Or did the movie let you down? So this is a two-sided review for the movie, keeping in mind that being completely positive or negative about the movie might be unfair in a lot of terms. So here goes nothing…

The movie revolves around the idea how science mixed with excessive amounts over ambitiousness could doom humanity. Stark and the Banner start of a dormant peacemaking program which gets messy and Ultron, which speaks Stark’s tongue is convinced that humans need to be ‘extinct’ for peace to prevail in the planet. That’s what makes the Avengers re-assemble. We also have the Maximoff twin torn down between Ultron and the Avengers. Until Wanda sees Ultron’s real intentions. This surprisingly reminds me Dr. Frankenstein.

There were good punches in the movie, very few though. The conquest of the other Avengers trying to lift the Mjolnir, when Vision could shuck them all doing it with ease, for instance. Talking about punches or comic timing, admit it or not, we ALL missed Thor’s half brother, Loki. Even then, Loki made his presence felt indirectly as his scepter. (This man will never be forgotten. Though a villain, he will be loved by everybody.) There was also an intense and complicated chemistry between Romanoff and Banner. Now that fell right from the skies to many. ALMOST EVERYBODY!

But on the dark side, the plot couldn’t enthrall its audience unlike the first movie did. Also, like any other hardcore action movie, the storyline was not clear. The Maximoff twins seesawing between the Avengers and Ultron did create some confusion.

The action sequences were pretty good, but again, comparing it to the first part, it wasn’t all that exciting. Also, according to me, they shouldn’t have killed Quicksilver. Though he died saving Hawkeye and a kid, it was just sad. The fight sequences in the entire movie lacked the vigor and hard hitting impact which the first movie had. Besides, according to me, Veronica had better usage in the first movie than the second. Veronica’s role in the movie didn’t seem all that enthralling, considering what I saw in the trailer, we expected a bit too much.

The Verge says, “Things start off promisingly enough. You’ll hear a lot about the opening sequence of the film, and for good reason: it’s an incredible piece of action filmmaking, staged as a single shot with one of the most triumphant reveals I’ve ever seen in this kind of movie. It’s downright anthemic — but it also sets a bar the movie is never able to clear again. Instead, the team soon find themselves facing off against the titular Ultron.”

NDTV movies says, “The trouble with Avengers: Age of Ultron is that neither its flow nor the fun that it seeks to deliver quite comes off – certainly not all the time at any rate.” I think it’s not just this movie, but most of the action thrillers. Though some have a certain flow, there are many which lack the same. It gets worse if it’s a Bollywood film!

On the brighter side, the critics of Rottentomato.com, “ Exuberant and eye-popping, Avengers: Age of Ultron serves as a suitably satisfying sequel, reuniting its predecessor’s unwieldy cast with a few new additions and a worthy foe.”

Allan Hunter from The Daily Express reviews, “Avengers: Age Of Ultron is smart, nimble and recognizes that the one way to make yet more scenes of mass destruction involving is to give the story behind them a little heart.”

All’s well that end’s well, like any Marvel movie, this one leaves us with an epilogue too. Waiting for the next movie, which might have Thanos! The best part about all Marvel movies is, just when you think the wait is over, you are already waiting for the next part and with the passing time the suspense starts building up. If you were a person like me, with zero patience, you might probably go bonkers waiting. (I leave it to you to imagine what could possibly happen if a person with zero patience went bonkers!)

And oh, about the movie? It is worth a watch. Especially if you are a die hard fan of the World’s mightiest superheroes!