LeBrons James, the greatest active basketball player and Warner Bros. Entertainment revealed that the studio and the player’s own company, SpringHill Entertainment are partnering in content creation which will span television, film, and original digital content and this is another sports media partnership announced Wednesday that everyone would actually freak out about.

Could this mean “Space Jam 2” starring James has new life?

Rumors and chatter and speculation have existed for years that James, one of the greatest of all time, could pick up where, Michael Jordan, the actual G.O.A.T., left off in the Warner Bros.’s classic and biggest Oscar snub of of 1997 “Space Jam.”

Most recently, reports from February 2014 said a sequel for the 1996 movie was in the works, but James had not been in discussions  for the role. Others reported that the NBA star was indeed involved. And others still said James would not be taking his chance, doing his dance or welcomed into the Space Jam.

Based on positive reviews and reactions to James’ performance in Judd Apatow’s recently released “Trainwreck,” there’s no doubt the NBA player has the acting chops necessary to resurrect “Space Jam.” He is a worthy disciple for the cause.