80’s scifi movies garnered the interest of Hollywood recently. Some of the popular science fiction movies of that era already got a remake/reboot. Very recently Hollywood has announced new Ghostbusters, Bladerunner, Alien and Back to the Future movies. No wonder on how ‘Last Starfighter’ came to their radar.

‘Last Starfighter’ is a 1984 space opera which was directed by Nick Castle. The movie was about a teenager named Alex Rogan who was recruited by alien defense force to fight in an intergalactic war. The movie was noted in the history of cinema as one of the earliest movie to use extensive use of computer generated imagery. One another movie of the same league was Disney’s Tron which recently had a very mediocre sequel. The movie was a critical and commercial success.

Right from the early 2000 itself, there were efforts to remake the Last Starfighter. One of the prominent figures was none other than Steven Spielberg. Recently Gary Whitta (director of After Earth, Book of Eli) is confirmed eyeing on this classic for a revamp. However none succeeded so far because of the rights issue. The rights for remake/reboot/sequel resides with Jonathan R Betuel who is the writer of the movie. It is not sure why Jonathan is reluctant to give away the rights despite tossing him with some eye popping offers. It is assumed that the fate of the other 80’s remakes prompted him to deny the transfer of rights.

However the fans actually love for a new Last Starfighter movie. The movie has earned a cult following over the years. They expect some good director to take up the project ( as Neil Blompkamp and Denis Villeneuve has announced to direct the upcoming Alien and Blade Runner movie respectively) and make a kickass movie.