The new teaser for Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 which was first posted on Jennifer Lawrence’s facebook page shows Katniss wearing red suit and a hood as she stands proudly on a statue of the sign for district 12 and now the rebellion. That image paired with an epic music is then followed by another screen which reads ‘stand by for a message from District 13’. In other words , Katniss’s superhero pose is intended to rally supporters in the war against the Capitol.

But the real question arises leaving the audience wonderstruck is will Katniss’ red suit only a part of Propoganda campaign or will we see it in action.

But teaser isn’t the only place wher the red suit has shown up but the film also tweeted out a new poster of the girl on fire sitting on a white throne.

With Katniss’ poster alongside, the poster featuring Liam Hemsworth in character as Katniss Everdeen’s closest childhood friend with his face stencilled with a bright Red Mockingjay symbol suggests that he is fully committed to the battle and ready  to fight.