Within hours after the release, Joseph Khan’s (director of Torque) Power Rangers fan movie has landed upon on controversy issues. The 16 minute bootleg movie which was produced by Adi Shankar (who is known for the Bootleg universe fan films) had Battlestar Galatica fame Kate Sackhoff in the lead as the Pink Ranger. The movie was noted for its dark tone, mature nature and gore, has received widespread acclaim from the internet. The video was hosted in Vimeo and YouTube. It has gained over 11 million views within hours of the release. But that didn’t stop Saban Entertainment (who actually own the Power Rangers franchise) from pulling down the video from both websites.

Adi Shankar was hit with a copyright claim not only from Saban Group , but also a cease-and-desist letter from Warner/Chappel music for remixing the theme music which was a original composition. Shankar later expressed his concerns on ‘freedom of creativity’ and ‘internet culture’, regarding these recent issues. Adi Shankar is earlier noted for releasing two fan movies based on Marvel characters. Those movies which are still available in YouTube are The Punisher: Dirty Laundry and Venom: Truth in Journalism.

However, the recent action from Adi Shankar confirms that he is not ready to quit. He has hosted the movie in his Facebook page. Also Shankar didn’t forget to thanks Mark Zuckenberg for allowing him to host it there without the risk of another takedown. The prime speculation for the odd step taken by Saban Entertainment is that the positive reviews and media buzz garnered by the fan movie might adversely cause the upcoming live action Power Rangers reboot movie from LionGate. The live action reboot movie which is currently in the final stages will hit the theaters on the 2016 summer.