In the movie ‘The gallows’ four teenagers are threatened by the ghost of a student who died in an accident two decades ago.

Charlie, the dead kid was the star of the school play, a piece called the gallows that ended with his character’s execution by hanging.

As this is a found-footage horror movie,the first  thing we see is the home-video of opening night when the platform beneath charlie’s feet  actually gave out and a real rope snapped tight around his neck. Now Charlie is back in the supernatural form just in time for the 20th anniversary of his demise, which the drama department has decided to commemorate by performing “the gallows” anew.

The Gallows unfolds chiefly through the camera lens of Ryan(Ryan shoos) cornering around some more teenagers.

The gallows adds only one wrinkle to its all-too familiar format that is rather than just crosscut between the two cameras Ryan and company cart around with them, directors Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing essentially rewind the timeline to show the same events from separate perspectives – allowing  the viewer to see for instance what really happened to a character that appeared to die offscreen a few minutes earlier. However this technique does not help. Unfortunately The gallows fails to be the catch this season and remains to be yet another not very impressive horror stories that could be made up.