Fitness training has become very vital and essential to fight the fatigability. To keep you stress free, working out is the most preferable choice and alongside ,it is of prime importance that we take the most suitable kind of training diet which when elaborated means taking the right  meal  before and after you train to help your body recover and repair.

Scientist warns that a low carb diet not only deprives  the body of important nutrients but also compromises with performance. It is recommended to consume a higher amount of carbohydrates for harder training days and less on easy/recovery days. But it is not always about carbohydrates, adequate amount of proteins, minerals, and smaller amounts of quality fats such as those found in oily fish, avocado, olive oil and nuts are also required to eensure sufficient energy and muscle energy.

Timing is of paramount importance and hence it has to be kept in mind that  it is advisable to eat a meal 3-4 hours before or  a lighter meal  1-2 hours  before training in order to boost up the energy levels and not causing an upset stomach. Hydration is another key to effective training however carbohydrate containing beverages are recommended only for workouts  that lasts for more than 90 mins.

For recovery after the training, the three  R’s –namely refuel repair and rehydrate is marked and noted.To refuel, have a protein-rich snack to aid muscle repair along with drinking enough fluids to enhance repair and rehydrate.