Are you trying your luck with Facebook or Twitter to create Amazon sales? Here is a guide to increase Amazon sales using social media sites. Before we start with the Amazon Affiliate boost using Social Media, for all those who are new to Amazon Affiliate.

What is Amazon Affiliates?

Amazon Affiliates is an Affiliate program from the famous E store Amazon.  Just like the other affiliate programs Amazon Affiliate pays for the sales you bring in for Amazon. Here is what Affiliate market is,

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate 

How to share Affiliate links in Social Media sites and increase commissions

This is not a basic tutorial that explains you how to share the links on Facebook or Twitter. This tutorial will help you run campaign of your own and increase the affiliate sales you bring in.

Before starting, we will be using certain tools that are going to help you through the process.

Make sure you are ready with the affiliate account and the products you are about to sell.

Setup a page in Facebook

Setting up a page in Facebook does make a lot of difference especially if you are able to setup a page that has a huge trusted audience, fan pages and celebrity pages brings a lot of conversion.

Let’s take an example here, imagine you own a Harry Potter page and have a reach of 90k audience. You can use this page to sell your Harry Potter books using Amazon affiliate links. Like mentioned before we will use a tool to boost the conversion.


Prourls is a link localizing tool that will help you localize the links and get all the potential sales commissions. Confused what is a link localizer? Link localizers are tools that are used to redirect the traffic you receive on the affiliate link to the local stores. Why Link localizers? Even if you have a targeted page in the Facebook or a Micro niche blog, in the end you will end up having traffic from other non-targeted geographic. Amazon store has local stores and all the stores have separate affiliate associate programs. Think you are having an Amazon affiliate account in Canada i.e an Amazon affiliate account set up in You will only gain commissions for the sales you bring in from Canada. All the traffic ad conversion you make from other countries won’t bring in any commission for the sales you make. This is a pain yes. Setting up and account in all the local amazon affiliates is hard to manage. This is what link localizers does. There are multiple other online tools like Genius Links. Unlike all those link localizers Prourls is easy to use and has good pricing that is negotiable if you are using it in a large scale.

It is a natural tendency of an online user to avoid referral links and advertisements. Using Prourls will replace the amazon links with custom links.

Since Amazon affiliates works best for the niche bloggers and marketers it would be a great idea to have pages with a specific niche and sell products under the niche.

Using Twitter Accounts

I wouldn’t say you have to fake a celebrity twitter ID and increase sales. That would be violation of the privacy policy. What can you do instead? Most people struggle to make Social media ‘work’ and often don’t do the right thing. Whether you’re trying to expand your presence on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform, the ultimate goal is to increase the reach (call it the traffic or the audience).

Getting more retweets and further increasing the audience is important in affiliate sales business.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is to make sure you built trust.

You can built that trust by

Giving honest tweets: Give honest opinions and just don’t tweet for the sake of keeping the profile active or flow along with the crowd. Remember to walk through the road not taken

Ask Opinions: Ask opinions of the audience. Opinion tweets has always worked and yes it will work in your case.

Tag Celebrity and Famous People: Do this only If you are posting a serious tweet and only if you think the tags are required. People are always keen to know what the celebs have to say.

Follow these ways and you will have an account that won’t look spamy. If you start throwing links in twits all of a sudden you will end up with no one checking your links.

And one day you may find your account banned for spamming too.

Like mentioned use any link localizers like Prourls that will cloak the Amazon links and grabs all the Amzon commissions. 

Once you have set up your Social Media accounts use it to push your links.

Use the 80/20 rule have 80% unique and non-promotional content and 20% of promotional content (that includes your affiliate link) In the end don’t forget to promote. Keep in mind that more traffic brings in more conversions.

You can set up any Social Media similarly. In the end all you have to do is  

Built Audience

Built trust

Give quality information

Don’t push promotion more than required ( Use the 80/20 rule)

Use link localizers


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