Mute Your Ex on Facebook Without Unfriending or Blocking them

After your break-up, the last thing you need to see is your ex’s updates on your Facebook feed frequently. Now there is an easy solution for it, without unfriending or blocking them.

Facebook have announced a new tool to help you manage how you interact with your ex once things are no longer “facebook official”. once you change your relationship status into ‘single’, Facebook will provide you an option to view fewer feeds of ur ex without  unfriending or blocking them. this literally means their updates will not be displayed in your feed and their won’t be suggested when you write a message or tag friends in photos. It’ll be like they never existed at all.

You could also limit your updates which will be shown to your ex or keep your privacy settings just as they are. If you select the former option, your ex will only see the posts you’ve specifically tagged them in, shared publicly, or shared on mutual friends’ Timelines. And you can easily untag yourself in all the posts that include your ex.

Facebook just started this tool today and it’s only available in U.S. But Zuckerberg and Co. plan to roll them out more broadly in the future, based on people’s feedback.